Choosing a community to live in

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There are various factors to consider when buying a new home when choosing your next neighborhood, or the place where you will raise your future family.

Storz Realty has written down a checklist for first time home buyers or for those who want to move to a better community.

Moving to a place can put a lot of pressure on young couples. One of the most considerable pressure is finding the right job that will support a decent lifestyle and, hopefully, a career path.
Moving to a place where there are opportunities is one of the best decisions a person can make at a young age.

Taxes are a burden that everyone has to carry. But, some states are more considerate than others. Find a place that has more consideration to its people in forms of taxes. Study the taxes implemented in the community where you chose to live. Taxes can vary from value-added fees, community taxes, liquor tax, cigarette tax, and much more. If you think these are justified levy, then you may have already found the place.

Safety and security will always be a top priority. Choose a place that has low criminal statistics will make you feel comfortable settling in. It pays to know that your neighborhood is safe against various criminal intents that are lurking on the streets as you sleep at night. Find a place that is near a police station, a hospital, or a school. This way, you are assured that authorities are just a stone throw away when you need help.

Getting a property can also serve as a good investment if you find a great place. Real estate should increase in value over the years. Finding the best location is key to earning from your purchase. If you decided to move to another town, there is most likely a chance that you would want to change address too after some years. It is excellent to know that you can cash-in your home to start over at another place after a few years.

There are places that have imposing lifestyles. Living in a ranch, for example, will force you to wear jeans all days of your life or living near the beach will get you all the tan you deserve. Choosing a place based on how you live can help you adapt quickly and can be less stressful.

Storz Realty understands that these are the essential matters for you in choosing a home. That is why we have many communities like Country Squire Estates, Galt Mobile Estates, Haggin Oaks Estates, Heritage Oak Glen, Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park, and Mobil Country Club in various locations but that are also centrally located.

With your best interest at heart, we develop properties that will bring you closer to your dream job, your child’s daycare, or the safest community in town.

If you want to find out more about our properties in California, feel free to give us a ring in the office or send us an inquiry via email. Our team of brokers and sales customer personnel’s will be glad to assist you in your home shopping.

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