How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last?

Manufactured homes are prefabricated houses that are largely assembled in factories. After their assembly, they are transported as a whole or by parts to the site on which they will be used. The main thing that separates manufactured homes from traditionally built houses is their continued ability to be transported, even after being planted to a site.

Are manufactured homes durable enough?

Manufactured homes, or mobile homes as many people may know it, have been existing for almost over 50 years – that is two generations worth of people. However, up to this day, there are still many misconceptions and myths about manufactured homes that people believe. These ideas give manufactured homes an impression they should not have. Are these homes worth the price? How long do manufactured homes last?

Just like any other material thing, manufactured homes will last longer if properly maintained. They can last as long as a typical home could. But with the developing technology of prefabricated houses, newer ones may last even longer. Houses that follow the US Department of Housing and Development Code have a lifespan of 30 to 55 years.

How should you take care of your manufactured home?

To make your manufactured home stand the test of time, here are the things you can follow:

Choose the right location.

The ideal location for this type of housing is a place with no extreme humidity that can cause construction materials like wood to degrade more quickly. Furthermore, the site on which the house would be planted must be kept level. Manufactured homes can settle over time. If they are put on unlevel surfaces, it may result in cracks, leaks, and doors not shutting correctly.

Maintain proper skirting around the house.

One characteristic of manufactured homes is that they’re open underneath. Skirting is very important to protect the things underneath your house from various elements that may cause destruction. Proper skirting will keep your plumbing, heating, and electrical systems protected. It will also prevent small animals and pests from making nests under your house.

Maintain your roof regularly

The roof is the most exposed area of your house. It means that it also receives the most wear and tear over time. As your roof protects the rest of your house from the elements, it is best to make sure your roof is in tip-top condition every time. Having a regular check up on your roof every year or after severe weather conditions is a great idea.

Keep your home clean.

Every single home will look better and last longer when kept clean. Make sure that you do not let dirt and debris pile up around your house. These can collect high amounts of moisture that can result in water damage. Clean your house both inside and outside to keep your house looking nice, and it will go a long way.

Are manufactured homes worth the investment?

Compared to the cost of building a house traditionally, manufactured homes are a lot cheaper. Not only that but manufactured homes also last a very long time, with proper care and maintenance. Despite the misconceptions regarding manufactured homes like not being durable, being built with cheap materials, their quality has long been proven. If the manufactured home follows the HUD guidelines, you can be assured that what you are paying for is worth every buck.

We think that the only reason people doubt manufactured homes is their misinformation. In reality, these houses are great investments. When people start to realize this, they will see their true value. We at Storz Realty are willing to share more information about manufactured homes. We will also be with you on your journey to owning one, every step of the way.

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