How To Decorate Mobile Homes Into An Elegant Living Space

With the rise of digital nomads and minimalists, manufactured housing is one of the most practical choices for a living option. That is why in this article, we clue you in on how to live well and classy in your mobile home.

Gone are the days when living in trailer parks, mobile home, tiny houses or manufactured housing are for those skimping their budgets or unemployed. The younger generation sees mobile home living as their home choice to save on rent and mortgages.

While it is undeniably cheaper than stick-built houses, choosing to live in one does not mean that you have to sacrifice having a classy living space that a regular home can offer.

With all the money you saved on rent and mortgages, investing in your mobile home’s interior design improves your wellbeing.

Before anything else, you have to decide if mobile home living is for you. If you decided to stick to a regular home because of safety reasons, well then we have a surprise for you: mobile homes can be converted into regular homes. Now that it is settled, let’s get back to designing your new mobile home.

The common problems in designing the interiors of a mobile home are the low ceiling, limited natural lighting, narrow rooms, and the odd traffic flow, which affects your home’s overall aesthetic. Even so, these interior design obstacles can be solved easily with tips and tricks on how to decorate your mobile homes.

A Functional And Fancy Kitchen

A white kitchen shelf full of ceramics and decor

Step 1: Put the right chandelier above the dining table

But it’s a mobile home, how can a chandelier fit? You ask. The right size can change everything. Measure the kitchen floor to ceiling height diagonally in feet and use that number in inches to determine the chandelier’s height. For example, if the floor to ceiling height is at 14’ then look for a 14” long chandelier.

Step 2: Extend the cabinets

Remodel the kitchen and remove the gap between the ceiling and storage cabinets to maximize the limited space. The additional storage can store cluttered items in the kitchen area.

Step 3: Light, light, light, and light!

A well-lit kitchen is a chef’s paradise, and you can turn yours by using ceiling-mounted lighting, recessed, pendant, and task lighting.

An Easy And Elegant Living Room

A mobile home living area with wood accents and white carpet

Step 1: Color blocking

If you didn’t know this yet, darker tints on the lower part of the wall and white paint on the upper part make spaces appear taller. This trick provides symmetry and is a tasteful way of designing the wall without a busy design.

Step 2: Use barely-there boundaries

Different spaces should have markers to signify their territory and achieve symmetry as well. In a living area, using an accent wall with the same tone as the wall’s color differentiates it from other areas. You can also use a rug or a carpet in the living room area to add a luxurious touch.

Step 3: Conversations are important

The secret to a put-together home is a conversation area, and this is especially important in the living room area. A small coffee table works best in mobile homes to have that extra little space for conversations and decorations.

A Cozy And Classy Bedroom

A narrow bedroom with wall art and minimal decor

Step 1: Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are magical items. They make rooms bigger and lighter. It is both functional and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Place one opposite a window to bounce light and create an illusion of space.

Step 2: Eye-level art pieces

An art that complements your style and the home’s color palette will always be elegant. Position your chosen artwork at eye-level for comfortable viewing and achieve symmetry within the room.

Step 3: Height is might

Use vertical decor or long curtains to add height to the room’s long ceiling. This trick is your chance to show off your favorite colors or decor.

A Stylish And Spacious Bathroom

A white bathroom wall with plants, wall clock, and hooks

Step 1: Update your bathroom sinks and storage

An average person spends about 92 days in a bathroom in his lifetime. You will thank yourself in the future if you decorate your bathroom now. An update to the ready-made bathroom can change its whole look. It can be as simple as painting the cabinets with different colors and changing knobs.

Step 2: Frame it

Instead of the bare one that comes with the mobile home, a framed mirror makes the difference in being an ordinary bathroom to a stylish bathroom.

Step 3: If the lighting is right

The right lighting can make or break your bathroom’s look. You should put a lighting source for the whole room and local lighting just for the mirror to have that glam bathroom vibe.

A Final Word About Interior Design

Don’t get too overwhelmed with the things you have to do to turn your mobile home interior into a stylish living space. We suggest that you focus on one area before moving on to another, like what we did in this article.

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