How to keep ants out of your mobile home


We hate to break it to you, but ants are everywhere. No matter how neat your home is, you cannot completely get rid of them. First of all, these are tiny creatures which can fit into small holes and crevices without anyone noticing. Secondly, they are too many! Even if you kill some of them, there is an excellent chance that there are still thousands more.    

But, we don’t want you to lose hope! Keeping ants out of your home is not an impossible feat. You have to follow these simple steps. 

  • Keep your home clean. 

The most important thing you can do is to clean your home thoroughly. Remove all possible food sources for ants. These pests love to store food for rainy days. They will find ways to look for food, even the food hidden in the darkest corners of your house. Make sure all food containers are sealed properly. It also helps if your cabinets close properly. If not, have them fixed right away. Leaving open food cabinets is a great way to attract ants.  

  • Use insect killer spray. 

It seems like a pretty simple task to do, but this is often overlooked. While it only provides temporary protection, doing this every so often will minimize the growth of the ant population in your place. Spray both the interior and exterior of the house for maximum effect. Do not forget to spray as well those tiny crevices. The spray leaves a film on the surfaces of tabletops, counters, and floors that deter these ants. 

  • Seal the cracks and holes. 

These spaces serve as an entry point for a lot of insects, especially ants. Buy a sealant and cover these cracks immediately. You can also make use of paint. Fill the spaces with paint with the same color as the wall or moldings for a seamless look. Once you do this, there will be fewer entry points available for these pests to enter through. 

  • Try using natural ingredients to drive them away. 

Ingredients such as peppermint, cinnamon, and vinegar are a natural deterrent for the ant population. Spray cinnamon or peppermint oil in entryways and window to prevent these ants from crawling into your home. You can also use vinegar. Find their nest and pour in the vinegar.  

  • Draw lines in chalk. 

Draw lines using chalk in your doorway, windows, hallways, or wherever the ants are getting in. The chalk will serve as a barrier which these ants cannot cross. 

  • Call a professional. 

If you are too busy to take the steps above, or the ant infestation has become unmanageable, it’s time to call a professional who will address this problem. Ants may be generally harmless, but there are certainly some types that can cause damage to your house. Avoid the unnecessary extra expense by solving the issue as soon as you can.  

Pests are always a nightmare. However,  you can take these simple steps above to prevent them from multiplying. That way, your mobile home can remain ant-free. 


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