How to keep your mobile home cool during the end of summer

Aloe Vera

Summer is both a great and terrible time depending on where you are. If you live in a city where the heat gets unbearable, summer may be the most dreaded season of the year. However, if you live in a city where summer means beach trips and picnics, then summer can be the best time of your life. In California, summer months can be delightful. Nevertheless, it can bring a little discomfort as well, especially to mobile homeowners. 

Here is how you can keep your mobile home cool at the end of summer. 

Use light-colored fabrics.  

Whether you are using it as a table cloth, curtain, bedsheet, refrain from dark colors and stick with light-colored fabrics. Dark fabrics absorb heat more. The more heat is absorbed, the hotter the temperature of your house becomes. That is the last thing you want in your mobile home. Use white linens for a better and fresher feeling.  

Open the windows.  

Opening windows can bring fresher air into your home. It also allows older air to come out. Make sure to open your windows as much as possible. If your mobile house does not have a lot of windows, you can also open the doors for a while when you are at home.  

Get some plants for your home.  

There is nothing that brings a more refreshing feeling than plants around the house. Look for plants that can adapt to hot weather. For instance, Devil’s Ivy is a great choice. This plant can help in cooling the air and controlling the humidity in a room. Some plants such as aloe vera, Areca palm tree, and fern are natural humidifiers that can help purify and cleanse the air in your home. They are also great in absorbing formaldehyde out of the air! 

Refrain from cooking too much.  

The heat from cooking gets trap in the house without proper ventilation. If your mobile home does not have a great HVAC system, refrain from cooking and using the oven too much. What you can do instead is to make the most out of summertime and have barbecue parties outside! This activity will not just help in the cooling of your house, but also a fun event for family and friends as well.  

Change your light bulbs.  

Light bulbs emit heat. When used for long periods, light bulbs may contribute to the warming of your house. Avoid incandescent light bulbs at all cost. This bulb produces light by warming up the filament. Replace your old light bulbs to newer models, such as LED lights. These lights are more energy-efficient. They emit significantly lesser heat.  

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