Mobile Homes Are Just Perfect for Newlyweds (And Here are 6 Reasons Why)

Bride and Grroon by the Lake

More than 20 million people– about one in 18 Americans– are now living in mobile homes, according to a report from the American Housing Survey of 2013. As one of the country’s last affordable housing options, more and more people are now moving into these manufactured homes rather than a conventional house.  

In fact, the majority (23%) of mobile-home residents today are between the ages of 18 and 29. These are first-time homeowners, most likely newlyweds, and starting families. 

So, what is it with mobile homes that make them very appealing to newlyweds and families just starting out? Here are seven reasons why:  

  1. It’s a Lighter Financial Obligation

Especially as newlyweds are just starting a new life together as husband-and-wife, it’s highly likely that, aside from other obligations, they still have to worry about paying bills from the wedding as well as their respective student loans. 

Rather than take on a new housing loan, putting in significantly less money into purchasing a mobile home (and the lot it stands on) just makes so much more financial sense.  

  1. It’s a Great Introduction to Home Ownership

Maybe you’re moving up from renting an apartment or staying with family. A mobile home is a great way to familiarize yourself with all the responsibilities of owning a home– dealing with taxes, utilities, maintenance, as well as neighbors and issues like pest control– all the pros and cons that come with it. 

  1. It Costs a Lot Less to Maintain

Speaking of utilities and maintenance, living in manufactured housing means spending a lot less each month on heating and cooling, repairs (if any), cleaning, insurance, and so forth.   

The savings you get really do add up over time, and all this means is you now have just a little bit more extra cash to put into debt servicing, other monthly expenses, vacation plans, or your savings fund. 

  1. It Allows You a More Mobile Lifestyle

Not exactly in the sense that you can take your home along with you wherever you want, but at least when you two lovebirds decide you’d want to see more of the world before actually starting a family, you just have a lot less to worry about with your mobile home. 

In fact, you can travel as much as you want, for as long as you want. Most factory-built homes these days are situated in very well-maintained mobile home parks, with a little bit more security and neighbors that look after you (even while you’re away). 

  1. It Encourages More Neighborly Interactions

Speaking of neighbors, your immediate community of co-residents is also a great source of new friends and relationships.  

In fact, many homeowner communities in these mobile home parks are even active enough to organize regular recreational activities and social events for everyone to get to know each other better and have a bit of fun. 

  1. It’s a Great Environmentally Friendly Option

Smaller living spaces, such as in the case of your manufactured home, means you’ve used a lot less in terms of materials and construction. That, in itself, is already an environmental win, but once you take into account that you’re also using less gas, far less water, and less power for heating and cooling, you’ll then realize that owning a mobile home is a lot more eco-friendly than you may have initially realized. 

A Final Word on Mobile Homes for Newlyweds 

Even as more Americans have decided to make a switch to try mobile home living, you too will find that there are a lot of advantages, especially when you still want to do things together as a couple like travel, career, or pursuing your other lofty aspirations. 

While you’re still figuring out your next steps as a newlywed couple, opting to own a mobile home does make a lot of sense. 

By freeing yourself up financially, this means you can pay off loans sooner, and eventually have more cash to spend on other things you need for the home or the family. 

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