No Space Too Small: Decorating a Mobile Home Bathroom

Black and White Industrial Bathroom

A mobile home may be less than ideal for some, but decorating a mobile home bathroom can be fun and even cathartic. Here are awesome (money-saving) tips just for you!

Many Americans opt for mobile homes because they are affordable and practical. But living in one is far from living in a home designed and built just for you. You have to compromise your preferences and live with low ceiling heights, narrow rooms, little natural light, and odd traffic flow — “common mobile home decorating obstacles” as enumerated on Mobile Home Living.

But does imperfect have to mean undesirable? Does living in a mobile home take away your right to enjoy and maximize every space, nook, and cranny it affords? Nope. This particular piece focuses on a room many take for granted but plays a very important role in the household: the bathroom.

Decorating a mobile home bathroom on a budget

The fact that you live in a mobile home already implies that you wish to use your money wisely, so let’s start with quick hacks that can immediately give your mobile home bathroom a design upgrade.

1. Add a plant

White Bathroom with round sink and plants

Air-purifying properties of many indoor plants are coming to light now that there is a pandemic. Do your research, pick a plant that makes you happy, and place it in your bathroom. Sometimes people spend more time in the bathroom to read or get away from the noise outside even for a while. An indoor, air-cleaning plant would be your perfect companion.

2. Add a colorful rug

Elegant Bathroom with Rug

If you are starting to feel like your bathroom is bland and not warm enough for you to enjoy being in it, maybe a colorful statement rug will do the trick. Go for colorful prints or patterns that will make it a useful centerpiece in your bathroom. Bright colors and patterns may work wonders on your mood, or you can opt for nature designs to help you relax.

3. Add something metallic

Elegant Bathroom

Anything metallic looks expensive and fancy. Whether it be your soap dish or a stool where you pile your magazines on, a metallic object can bounce light off and add glitter to what would be an overlooked space. Since you are living in a mobile home anyway, live it up by decorating your mobile home bathroom like a star. Go ahead and add some bling!

4. Add wall art

Repurposed tissue dispenser

Who says art should only be in the foyer or the living area? Nothing makes a bathroom experience more soothing than having something nice to look at while you’re sitting on the throne. If not wall art, install movie posters, concert posters, or any other visual that can make spending time in the bathroom more fun than the usual touch-and-go. Paint a mural, if you wish. It’s up to you!

5. Change the hardware

Pink Bathroom and Bathtub

Maybe it’s time to change the faucet or the cabinet handles into something different. You can go for sleek and modern or shabby and rustic by installing vintage (working) fixtures you find in antique shops. Let your bathroom tell a story. These can also be conversation starters for when you have first-time visitors.

6. Change the colors

Simple Bath

If you have time, repaint your bathroom or install new wallpaper. Even better, personalize your bathroom decor by creating a collage of your favorite photographs or newspaper and magazine articles on the wall. This may be more time consuming but you may just enjoy the process. It may also give you a sense of pride in your mobile bathroom decor because it is unique only to you.

Use ladders made from live wood as towel hangers; install open shelves; use fun towels or shower curtains — the list is endless. Decorating your mobile home bathroom can truly be a fun experience. The limitation of space should not limit your creativity and imagination. Let it reflect your taste and sense of style. Mobile homes are practical and it’s up to you to make it the home you have always wanted.

Ready to go mobile?

If we had fun thinking up ideas on decorating your mobile home bathroom, imagine the fun we will have when we come up with ideas for the other rooms! You deserve a home you can afford that is your very own. Live according to your terms.

Start by getting a mobile home today.

White Bathroom with round sink and plants


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