Pros and Cons of Buying a Mobile Home

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Buying a house is one of the most exciting yet terrifying decision people have to make. Read on to know more about the pros and cons of buying a mobile home.

Deciding to purchase a mobile home is a serious matter. To concentrate a vast amount of money to a single investment will make you doubt your choices every step of the way. Questions as to the budget, the location, the type of house you should get, are all part-and-parcel of you trying to weigh the pros and cons of buying a mobile home. You will most likely have sleepless nights and endless discussions about it.

As with any decision you are going to make, a good tip is always to conduct a thorough research about your options. Weighing all sides and taking into consideration all relevant factors to you and your family is the best first step.

An option that has been becoming popular in the recent years when it comes to housing types is a mobile home. Mobile homes have been around for decades now, but a new wave of more modern designs and smart options have taken the market by storm lately.

How a mobile home differs from a traditional home

Contrary to a traditional home that is built from scratch on-site and usually has deep foundations over a lot, a mobile home is a prefabricated structure. The parts of a mobile home are made in a factory on a chassis. Once the house parts are complete, they are transported by a trailer or a tow truck, and they are assembled in the location. Due to the building process of mobile homes, there is usually a limitation on the size and materials used in the house — nevertheless, there is a lot of significant advantages to choosing a mobile home in other aspects.

Let’s check out some pros and cons in buying a mobile home.

Advantages of a mobile home

A featured image from "Pros and Cons of Buying a Mobile Home", an article by Storz Realty.


If you are a first-time homebuyer, maybe a new member of the workforce or a newly married, mobile home is a great option for you. Mobile homes are more budget-friendly. It is easier in the pocket, and loan approval is generally processed faster. Traditional house mortgages run for decades. Those who are not willing to commit to this responsibility due to budgetary concerns have mobile homes as an option. Having a traditional house places a bigger financial burden. A mobile house provides similar functions for a fraction of the price.


Due to its relatively lower price, it is easier for a homeowner to let the property go. One of the reasons why people reject job offers and other opportunities is because of their commitment to a particular location because of their homes. For those who are given sudden opportunities for a career change or a move, living in a mobile home makes decision-making a bit easier. A mobile home is great for those who keep tabs on life transitioning.


The sense of community in mobile home parks is one advantage many people do not foresee. Because of the built of houses and the layout of mobile home parks, friendship and camaraderie are easily found. There are also specific home parks that cater to special groups. If you are a senior citizen, you can find communities that are made specifically for you and your needs. For newly-weds, you can look for mobile home parks that are conducive for starting a family life.


Susceptible to some damages

Because your home is not anchored to a deep foundation, it might be an issue for calamity-stricken areas. It is not the same as saying that mobile homes are not safe. Mobile homes follow specific guidelines for safety. But if they are compared comparison to traditional homes, the latter wins in terms of durability.


Mobile homes are considered personal property. Its value as an asset is more comparable to a car than to a traditional home. With that said, its value depreciates faster over time. If you are looking at it as a long term, idle investment, it is not necessarily the wisest choice.

Design limitations

Mobile houses are prefabricated. Designs may not be as widely varying as those you can find in a traditional home. While there are beautiful choices available, if you are the type of person who loves highly-customized architecture, you might find mobile homes limiting.

A featured image from "Pros and Cons of Buying a Mobile Home", an article by Storz Realty.

A Final Word About The Pros and Cons of Buying a Mobile Home

At the end of the day, everything boils down to the owner’s priorities and preference. As a home buyer, what you need to do is come up with a list of requirements you look for a home. Keep an open mind as to the different types of houses available to you, and you may surprise yourself on what you might find!

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