The Best Amenities in Mobile Home Parks

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Gone are the days when people have a prejudice about living in a manufactured home or mobile home parks. Because of the evolving real estate landscape and a lot of disruptions in the housing industry, living in a mobile home can be just as fun, as luxurious, and as comfortable as compared to the traditional homes. With more to offer, mobile home parks are now starting to eat up a portion of the traditional home owners into buying a mobile home. Not only is it cost effective, it also offers more amenities than your usual house. More manufactured homes are put on sale and more areas are being developed to make sure living in one is the best experience you can have. Here are some of the best amenities we think you will enjoy once you start moving in:


Living in a gated community is a privilege left to those who have mansions in Beverly Hills. Well, not anymore. For example, the properties under Storz Realty are all gated communities that promises 24-hour protection, seven days a week. With roving guards and strategically located closed circuit cameras, this can be a good place for a starting family to raise their kids. It can also be the next best thing than retiring to a rural area.


Most mobile home parks, if not all, offer a standard set of leisure amenities. But these amenities do not only kill time but also fat and sleeping calories. A lot of mobile home parks have swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, and runner-friendly roads or bike lanes. With these in place, residents are encouraged to live a more active lifestyle without the need to spend on gym membership and dance classes.  


The development of mobile home parks has seriously changed a lot due to the architectural, engineering, and landscaping designs to fit the location of the property. These days, mobile home parks are among the best properties to own because they have the best view of the city or there are tall trees surrounding the area that give the community protection from the heat or the cold. We all want a relaxing time after a stressful day at work and what’s more relaxing than waking up to a quiet neighborhood with the city view right in front of you.

These are only few of the most commonly offered amenities in a mobile home park. Check out Storz Properties and see where the their nearest mobile home park is to your location. And since Storz have a lot of properties to choose from you might want to schedule a meeting with one of our agents so he or she can help you pick the best mobile home for your needs.

No inquiry is too big or too small, let us know what you need and we will help you find it. We value your time and we guarantee quality service. So, shoot us an email or ring us on the contact numbers posted on this website.

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