Three Easy Design Tips and Tricks (To Decorate Your Mobile Home)

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Mobile homes are structured differently from regular houses, which makes designing them more complicated than usual. Here are a few easy fixes to decorate your mobile home so you can adjust its stock design into a gorgeous version that would make you feel more comfortable calling it your own.

A lot of people have invested in mobile homes, and with good reason. They are more affordable than regular houses, easier to maintain, and the mobility attribute allows homeowners to be more flexible with where they want to live.

Gone are the days when mobile homes are meant only for trailer parks. You can now see mobile homes set up on water, near the mountainside, or on wheels to let the owner park the home anywhere he (or she) pleases. Mobile homes provide a great alternative for people with a fixed price range and a modern lifestyle.

First-time owners of a mobile home might get bored with the structure’s pre-manufactured look at some point. Fret not, as you can easily change that by adding decorations to provide your home with a more polished and personalized touch.

Light up the Kitchen

The rooms in a mobile home are usually small so that they can fit inside the limited space. The stock lights that come with a mobile home are a little dim, and the added darkness can make the room feel even smaller. This issue is commonly seen in mobile home kitchens.

There are several ways to light up your kitchen and make it look bigger. You can use under-the-cabinet lighting if you just want to brighten select areas or add an accent to the cabinets. You can also use LED strip lights to illuminate the counter space. Well-positioned mirrors can add reflection effects to the kitchen’s lights to give the room a brighter disposition.

A featured image from "Three Easy Design Tips and Tricks (To Decorate Your Mobile Home)", an article by Storz Realty.

Paint to Your Advantage

The right colors can do wonders in making your home feel more warm and comfortable. Studies show that color can influence how we perceive a room. For instance, lighter shades bring more attention and are better options if you want to attract someone’s line of sight. Cooler colors can also make a room seem larger than it is because they allow light to bounce around the room.

There are many ways to use color to manipulate a person’s eyes. Mobile homes typically have a ceiling height of six to seven feet, good enough for standing height. You can paint cool-toned colors on the walls a foot or two into the ceiling to create an optical illusion, making it seem like the roof is at least a couple of inches higher than it actually is.

In the same manner, painting the lower part of the room with darker colors can make the impression that it is taller. The dark colors ground the spaces around you, and the eyes naturally look for the brighter colors in the upper part of the room. The vertical action of the eyes wandering from the bottom to the top of walls fools them into thinking they scanned a larger surface.

A featured image from "Three Easy Design Tips and Tricks (To Decorate Your Mobile Home)", an article by Storz Realty.

Buy New Furniture

The furniture you have is important in setting up the overall feels of the house. Naturally, you don’t want to purchase stocky or sizable furniture because it will only eat up more space in your home, creating a cramped feeling across the rooms.

Going for thin and tall pieces of furniture will make the eyes follow their height into the ceiling, where they will focus on the fact that there is not much space left in the upper region of the room. You want their eyes to wander around the perimeter of the room, so you should purchase lower, longer furniture types instead.

Placing low chair rails around the corners of the room will also make the walls seem taller. Basically, learn to match the size of the furniture with the wall it is adjacent to. A long couch should be placed next to a long wall, and an end table goes well with a short wall.

A featured image from "Three Easy Design Tips and Tricks (To Decorate Your Mobile Home)", an article by Storz Realty.

A Final Word on Decorating Your Mobile Home

The way you set your lights, colors, and furniture is crucial in creating a visual effect to control how the eyes will perceive size and spacing. Decorating your mobile home does not need to be expensive; you just need to be familiar with interior design strategies.

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