Living Out Your Sunset Years in a Senior Living Community is Perfect (And Here’s Why)

When retirement is just around the corner, you can’t help but wonder about how your sunset years will turn out for you.

For some, the uncertainty can be daunting and maybe even intimidating. For others, retirement is an opportunity to do some catching up– do some traveling, pursue an old hobby, or even finally come around to get some writing done.

In any case, retirement is a huge leap of faith. Everyone wants to live out the rest of their lives for as well as they can, and for as long as they can.

The newer senior living communities are perfect for retirees like yourselves. These elderly-friendly neighborhoods have a lot to offer, and here are a few reasons why:

1. You’re part of a community

Think of today’s mobile home communities as gated subdivisions, but with other retirees like yourself. It’s set up more like a condominium or an apartment complex where you each have your own lot and mobile home.

This means you’re all co-owners of your space, and as such, a greater deal of ownership and responsibility to nurture just the sort of community that addresses the needs of senior citizens and retirees.

More importantly, you will have a sense of belonging, knowing that everyone looks out for each other and that you can always count on your neighbors to be there for you (in the same manner you’ll be there for them as well).

2. It’s for your peace of mind

A sense of safety and security comes hand in hand with a community you can count on. Today’s mobile home communities have improved security measures that keep away loiterers and non-residents.

This means you can go out for a late-night walk whenever you want to, or hang out in the park knowing you’re there with other folks from the neighborhood who also want to chill and relax.

Even if you decide to do some extensive traveling, or in the unlikely event that an accident should happen to you at home, you know that your neighbors are watching out for you and concerned for your safety and well-being as well.

3. It makes a lot of sense financially

A lot of new homeowners in mobile home communities have sold their original empty nest homes, then bought their new retirement property, and found themselves with a considerable amount of cash after making the transition.

Having a considerable amount of extra cash does give you even more options. You can put it into savings, or invest it in a new business, or perhaps use it to finally do the things you’ve always wanted to get into (but just never had the time).

TIME Magazine has also pointed out that while a regular mobile home is taxed as a vehicle and therefore depreciates over time, when you instead purchase the land it stands on (such as in the case of a mobile home community), it then becomes a home with a value that can grow over the long-term.

4. You’ll never grow bored

Newer, more forward-thinking communities have some pretty cool amenities like a neighborhood library, a swimming pool, outdoor areas like parks and trails, a recreation hall, and more.

There’s always something to do in a mobile home community, as everyone finds a reason to come together and do things not just on weekends and holidays.

There will almost always be residents playing outside, or backyard barbecues and picnics, or group activity sessions like Bingo, card games, or brisk walking.

You can be as active as you want and as social as you want. At these new mobile home communities, it’s nice to know you have those options, in addition to whatever passions, hobbies, or interests you’d want to also pursue on your own.

Senior Mobile Home Parks by Storz Realty

For many retirees, a senior living community is an inexpensive but highly sensible housing option.

Moving into one of these mobile home parks comes with some key advantages: there’s a strong sense of community, it helps with your peace of mind, and there’s always something going on to keep you involved and invested.

A prominent mobile home park brokerage firm for many years, Storz Realty owns and operates a number of these retirement parks located in California (Sacramento, Northern California, and Central Valley), Oregon, and Nevada.

For viewings, inquiries, and appointments, contact the Storz Realty team at (916) 778-0303


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