Why mobile home communities are perfect for pet parents

Any pet parent wants to give their pets the best living environment. They want their beloved pets to be in a community that is comfortable and safe.  For most “paw-rents” out there, their choice of home is dependent on the fact that they own a pet. If you are looking for a great place to live with your pets, then look no further – a mobile home community is the answer to your every problem.

Read on to learn why.

  1. Mobile home communities are spacious.

One of the best features of a mobile home community is its spaciousness. Most communities offer open areas where the kids can play, or where pets can run around. Compared to living in condo units or apartments where everything is cramped up, living in a mobile home community offers the residents a larger space, perfect for outdoor activities.

  1. Pets can mingle with other pets.

A lot of residents in mobile home communities are pet-owners. It is precisely one of the reasons why they chose to live in such a set-up. In a community like this, your pet can bond with other pets. Their social skills will be developed, and they will not grow up to be hostile or aloof towards pets and people alike.

  1. The interior of your homes can remain sparkly clean.

The big challenge when you have a pet inside your house all the time is guarding them all day. Sometimes when you leave for work, you would come home to a messed up house and broken furniture. If you are comfortable to set up an outdoor home for your pet and leave him/her there for a couple of hours while you are away, you will one less thing to worry about. Plus, you need not spend a lot of money fixing furniture or having sofas and beds professionally cleaned.

  1. Condo units and apartment usually have strict rules about pets.

It is not uncommon to hear specific rules and regulations that provide for the allowable size or number of pets a resident can have. Truth be told, a lot of residential condo units and apartments do not even allow pets for their tenants. There are a lot of people out there who would love to get their own pets, but could not do so by the mere reason of their type of house. Having a pet is one of life’s greatest joys. Do not deprive yourself of that happiness by living in such a condo or apartment. Find a place that you deserve.

If you are looking for a space for you and your fur baby in California, Nevada, or Oregon, Storz Realty is here to help you. Our company has been in the realty business for decades, and we have perfected the formula for building the perfect mobile home communities for pet owners. We offer affordable units with excellent financing! We have a lot of options that you and your pet will surely love.

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